lördag 29 december 2012

pre? Alle!

There is a lot of people who likes fencing.
There is a lot of people who loves fencing.
But for me fencing means something more than hobby or love.
For me fencing is everything..my life.
Never planed this.. its just hapened.

and this blogg will be about.. fencing, about me, about me and fencing, about my fencing,

Blogg can be good way to share with you all what Im thinking about fencing,
You know me,
Not always correct diplomacy or grammar.. but who carres? Maybe it will be more fun for you in way like it is?

In English, Swedish or Polish depends what I would like to say.

I can already make some kind of promisses

1#.. no, this blogg is not to make any kind of criticism to anyone or anything., it can be hard
ok, maybe little criticism, but no criticism, more like a my own opinion, about things which bother me. (hope many of you will see the difference)
Maybe some kind of discussion with myself? ask.. and try answer..
And you know me, sometimes, my opinions are not so easy to swallow, not easy to understand, but I hope it will be more people who understand me after reading my blogg.

2#.. I will try to write shortly and about one thing at once.. it can be hard!

3#.. I will try write without being overly pessimistic.. but you know me, I have talent to find bad things among good things.. it can be hard!

I cannot promise how often, but I can promise that everytime I feel that I need write something, so it can be quite often.

This is some kind of "prolog", as I promised I will start at 1st january 2013, new year is always better to start new things.