tisdag 14 maj 2013

Share passion

Its quite fun to share passion..
as a friend,
as a parent,
as a Godfahter too,

My Godson started fencing 2 years ago, after multiple trying I could take him on summer trainingscamp with me and hi could try fencing. After camp question was simple, should I take this equipment back with me, or maybe you will keep it and start practice.. same club Ive started, same Coach Ive started with.
So hi started, little late than hi should... but most important is to have fun.
Its a long way for him to be quite good, so long old, slow and overweight Godfather can give him lesson of real fencing.

Its quite interesting to see how hi develop, its totally different way Im looking on him.. Im coach, Godfather too... sometimes not best solution.
This situation gave me a lot of reasons to thing what happend if my son will try fencing.
I know a lot of father-coaches.. some of them make great job, but many not...
Hard situation, but life will show me for sure, how hard it can be.. or maybe my son will choose something else (hope not football).. but then what... be father who is just standing on side drung practices ? I dont think so..



lördag 4 maj 2013

mind is everything

May is very intensiv period in my life... always.
Same as december... actually.. always.

I need to believe that I can do everything what I need to do to succed. I always believe!
Thats why I succed already with few of my dreams
hope you believe that you can succed too.
I found one good quote, good enough to share it:

Mind is everything, Every thught you create manifests it self in real world,
if you didnt achieve something you strive for - you simply didnt believe in it enough.
Mario Novak.