onsdag 24 juli 2013


Long brake since last time,
not because I dont want to write,
not because I have nothing to write about,
but my days are always about priority,
blogg is not the highest priority right now, I need to do my work first, quite a lot of work...

but it looks like I have few days "break" now,
yeap break, 7 days before I will start training camp as a firts step of preparation for next season,
season nr. 8 in my coaching carrier..
as usually few goals, goals on the way to reach my dreams..

do you know what is a difference between goals and dreams?
for me its quite easy..
difference between dream and goal, is just that goal has a deadline!

I have few deadlines in this season,
maybe its not so humble to tell everybody what are you gonna do,
but I think this is some kind of currage and ambition to do it.
its always how bad you want it, its about how hard you work for it, and how good prepare you will be when momment "its all about it" comes.

I keep some statistics, actually a lot of statistics,
competitions, practices, victories, defeats, and medals..
Its possible that I will write a book about it some day...

Maybe its little easier to get medals in Sweden, hard to compare for sure,
but my students won already 93 medals on Swedish Championships, (U13,U15,U17,U20 and seniors)
so first goal for new season is quite simple... I want to finish season 2013-2014 with 100 medals in my pocket!
7 left.. maybe not many, maybe quite easy.. but we will see,
When I count we got (average) 9 individuall medals during season..
sometimes even 13.. but sometimes just 4.
Im motivated to do it, work for it, so I just need to find fencers who are ready to do it too,
Fencers who want it really bad...
"challenge accepted"

I "didnt work" last 3 weeks but I havent holidays last 3 weeks
I think that fencing coaches have no such a thing like holidays
there is always something to do,
read, watch, think, plan
I had few days traveling, but my mind was busy.
to find new ideas...
to find motivation...
its not that I have no motivation.. I have a lot of motivation,
but its important to find new one, new goals, new things to believe,
I try dont forget about old goals, those who are still in progress,
but every year, every month I try to find something new, new possibilities, new oportunities

I found time to work my self, became frustrated how bad I became in few things I was quite good some time ago
so there is another goal.. work myself atleast 6h per week, make come back, be fit again,
as a very busy fencing coach and family guy.. it will be not easy (F..g not easy)

I found time to read a lot.. books, articles,
some of them not first time, and what is quite interesting I found new things in those words, new sense, maybe this is a matter of expierence, better knowedgle.. maybe I understand things better now,
so another goal is that I need (yes, not should, I need) read more,

Seems like I try do a lot off things to avoid this quite poppular quote:

"If you always do,
what you always done,
you will always get
what you always got"

So make changes, find new motivation,
new season is coming