torsdag 13 juni 2013


Its no doubt that individuall lesson in fencing is the most effective way to practice and learn fencing.
Its no doubt that fencing lesson is uniqe.. there is not so many sports that coach need to be "so close" to his students, maybe boxing, maybe tenis...
Please remember that individuall lesson in fencing can have many purpose, goals.
It can be best way to teach you new things,
It can be best way to practice this you already know and can
It can be best way to prepare you (warm upp) before match
It can be best way to improwe that you need to work harder
It can be best way to show you that you already can fencing too,

There are som standards, habbits, and maybe even "old" rules when you do lesson,
but I think there is no such a think as bed lesson.. offcourse lesson can be ineffective, or even wrong..
but is not bed lesson, everytime you have possibility to practice you learn something new, about yourself, about your fencing,

Sometimes you dont like it,
Sometimes you love it,

So here comes few clips with lessons

Christoffer Ejemyr lesson with Tomasz Goral

Yuki Ota lesson with Oleg Matcheythuk (starts att 14 min)

Marco Vaninni lesson with Antonio Di Ciolo

Valentina Vezzali lesson with G. Tomassini

Husayn Rosowsky lesson with Adam Blight

Andrea Baldini lesson with Paolo Paoletti

Simone Vanni lesson with Paolo Paoletti

Alesandro Puccini lesson with Antonio Di Ciolo

Andrea Cassara lesson with Massimo Omeri

Richard Kruse lesson with Ziemowit Wojciechowski

and offcourse you can find much more if you like...