måndag 22 april 2013

be calm, work step by step, be patience

I remember how its feel sometimes.
Same practice, same exercise. day by day.
you are thinking " I already know it" .. its borring to do this again..
you are thinking " I already can this" .. its borring, i should learn something more..

but, really ?

Can you durring individuall lesson repeat any action 5 times identically?

I mean identically! same speed, same rytm, withuout losing balance, hit in the same place, without any not necessary moves.. identically.. 5 times in row. not mechanical repetition, but after few moments of preparation, find this perfect moment, and make this action, make this action perfect.

so keep practicing! repeat until it will work...

Can you durring duel be so patience, effective and consequent that you can hit your opponent on the same way 3 times, way that you have planed, and you have chosen?

I mean not hit to get a point, hit not becaouse its easy and its work on him to make a hit by this way. Action that you choose to improve that you can hit him on your own conditions.

so keep practicing! try it, try it again, until it will work..

Why Im writing it?
Becaouse I have a feeling, and I see that sometimes my students dont understand, why we do someting again. Motivation to practice is automatically lower because we do something that they thing, they already know..
Some practices are exactly the same, sometimes whole week seems like dejavu..

But how in other way (without thousand of repetition) became prefect?

I thing that many fencers just forgot that doing something as best you can att this moment, let you be the best in the next moment!

Are you doing your best on every practice moment?

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