fredag 20 februari 2015

foot work nr.157.. and Im back

Long time since I wrote something here. Many reasons, and some are just excuse.. fuck excuse.
Im still working, still trying develop my practice method.
My last video became very poppular so I decide that maybe putting some videos with examples of my work can give inspirations to other coaches.

I think is very important to try find methods which help develop many skills. and are quite funny..

no one likes 3 minutes foot works...
why we do 3 minutes food works ?
there is no such a moment in fencing match like 3 minutes foot work.
no one like it, and just few work very good during this excercise

So here you can find an example how to make foot work litle less boring.

This was a first round and as you see few fencers didnt work as they should, but after few rounds when you tried all exercises and you remember them, its time to work really hard..
and believe me 20 rounds.. its not easy peasy..

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