måndag 4 februari 2013


I have a dream ...
Many knows those words, but there are dreams which comes true actually.

Many of us dreaming to be Champion..its quite simple and popular dream for every sportsman
(I think)..
and many sportsmen become National Champion, World Champion, Olimpic Champion, few of them even many times. Heroes!

There is always some one else who is standing behind those Heroes... I would like be this man standing behind a Hero.

Its always same draft..
It start with dream, passion, than you make a plan, plan how to do it, than you need a lot of consequence, maybe little luck to step by step come closer..sometimes earlier than You thod, sometimes later, sometimes.. never.

There are small dreams, plans raither.. "I will do it", "I want it".. and you do it, and you have it.
Simple. Because you are ready, you deserve it.
When it hapend, you say: it was good day, it was god practice, it was good, it feels good

There are bigger dreams, dreams which demand more from you, more work! more conseguence!
more efforts! more sweat! more tears! ... more pain!
And when it hapend, you cant stop you happines... few moments is the best reward for all this hard work.

There are great dreams, dreams you can reach only by heroic work, heroic conseguence, heroic effort.. and what is most magic in the sport.. without any guarantee that you will ever reach it.
And when it hapend, you cant stop you tears, you cannot breathe, you cant stop thinking "I make it.. now I can die"

If you are lucky, if you work hard enough you will get earnest of it.
Earnest of you dreams.
I think sometimes is just enough to go forward.. to run after you dreams.
Usually earnest make you stronger. Make you more motivated in your work.
But not always.. shit happends and you need to go forward!

There is no guarantee that you or I will reach our dreams!
But I think its worth to just try it..
Try to make it hapend.

I make my dreams come true.
Not all, but quite many, maybe I have quite simple dreams, or maybe I just choose right steps I should take to go still forward and reach my dreams.

I always have one rule:
Everything you do, do your best!
Its not easy rule... and I need to say that sometimes I need to give up.. go back or wait.. and try it again.

As I wrote before I never planed to be a coach... it wasnt my dream.
Im coach, and I believe that this is the best way for me, best way to create something!
I have dreams about creating, I wanna be great creator
Im not sure if I will create something as a coach... I will try!

Im quite sure that I will work hard to make it happend.
As a man with great passion for fencing.
As a man with dreams about fencing.

Some day I will open door to great fencing center...

Some day I will meet a boy or girl with great passion to fencing, and togheter we will do something no one have done before

Some day I will show them all results of my work, something speciall

Some day I will be surrounded by houndrets of my fencers, my pupils

Some day I will stand behind swedish foil fencer.. olimpian

Some day I will meet my old fencers with their kids who will start fencing too, with me, next generations

Some day, some one really good will replace me, some one who get this passion from me

What about your dreams?

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  1. Piękne marzenia Tomku ... spełnienia życzę Maciek