måndag 28 januari 2013

Dont forget about tactic you fool

I had been in Warszawa this weekend.
ECC competition "Woyda's Foil" is nice competitions, I watched many fights, many fencers, and I realize that many, to many fencers just forget about basic tactics during matches.
I know that Cadett fencing is quite often more instinctive than planned. But I thing that arount 30% of all hitts are just because of opponents "unforced errors" . So if opponent will eliminate those errors match should be much harder. So what than?
So here we are, very basic tactics tips for fencers:

# Always believe in your opponents real possibilities. You can lose just because you don't believe in yourself, or you think that your opponent is better that hi is. (remember that "names" on jacket don't fence, ranking don't fence either)

# Use a time of your opponents fight to observe and analyze him. By this way you can save a time in your fight with him, time you need to recognize him. This way can help you also avoide simple mistkes on the begining of fight with him.

# When you are trying to rcognize your opponents remember to keep correct distance. To short distance give him always possibility to surprise you.

# You shouldn't fight schematic all time. Try always hide your real intentions and show him many marks to find the best moment to use your real plan. More marks are more reason to think.

# Your all moves should be dangerouse for your opponent, give him many reason to be nervous and not sure what you want to do, this is the easiest way to destroy his plans.

# Dont let him just take over initiative in fight

# Usually the best way to surprise your opponent is the simplest action! (with good preparation!)

# Don't give your blade to your opponent to easy (use low or high position of blade, change it!)

# If you fight against fencer who like attack be focus and try disturb him on every step back, or just go to attack by yourself

# You should be always active! remebmer that piste is 14m long, use your legs!

# Dont forget about "second intention" actions

# Dont hurry up to finish fight, even if you lead stay focus and fence active

# Always focus on "just one more hit".. and than another

# Continue fencing until referee say "halt"

# If your opponent is leading, don't try get back point as fast is possible, prepare every action. Yes, I know sometimes you need just 1 sec to prepare, sometimes is enough.

# Stay focus after fight, try to remember all mistakes and do not make it happen again

Im quite sure that hose few tips can help you all, just try to remember it, and follow it under single matches and competitions.

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