söndag 20 januari 2013

About competitions and hatred

Competitions are very importand for our sport. Its help us to check how we practice.
Its help us to test ourself.
Its help us to improve something, something we want to improve for ourselfs (not to coach or parents I hope). Everyone should try to improve something.

I like competitions, I like this atmosphere, some kind of electricity in the air..
who will be the best today?
who will show something unexpected?
how will fence my fencers?

I like meet my magic people, I like talk with them.. about fencing.
I like watch how others "do their things"..with hope to learn something
I like watch focus on their faces,.. with hope to learn something
I love see emotions
I love this "game" on the piste,

Usually fencers try make their best on competitions, so I wonder why (sometimes) those who arrange competitions are not trying their best?
Why to arrange competitions if you dont want to make best competitions?
Why do not care about small or sometimes big things which interacts on me or other people and help me or other poeple decide to do not come here anymore?

There are many, many competitions I always try to go,
I like those competitions, ... to many competitions actually.
But there are competitions I dont like, I try to avoid,
Doesnt matter with country, or city.. just I dont like some competitions...
There are competitions I were once or two.. and I will never do it again.
Its doenst matter which competitions, but few are very bad...


- I hate when someone show "time schedulle" and its not working!
what is a meaning to inform everyone and do not follow it, ok shit can hapend, but there should be plan B.. and shit cannot hapend 3 or 4 times during last 3 or 4 times..

- I hate when nothing happend on competitions!
Sometimes we just seating there, 20 pistes, 20 referies.. 20 fencers... and seating.. what a fuck? I came here to see fencing, I came here to work.. not to seat and eat swedish distasteful sausages

- I hate when competitions starts very early! (or they have plan to do it)
Competitions starts att 8:00, ok, you need be there att 7:00.. so?
Doors open att 7:30 :)
Breakfast in hotell since 7:00 :)
Everything is fine, if those competitions with 30-50 fencers will finish att 15:00.. but, no!
"we love fencing" so competitions ends att 18:00 or 19:00 with 3 or 4 moments without fencing like 1 hour and no one knows when it will start again. Love it.
what happend if competitions will start one hour later? we will finish att 1800 or 1900 too.

- I hate bad food or no food on competitions!
Is it so hard to arrange some good food on competitions?
toast, hot-dog (specially swedish) and "warm" coca cola is not good food for any one

- I hate competitions without space!
space to leave fencing bags?
space to seat and watch fencing?
space to make warm up?
space between pistes? (3meters is needed)
space between scoring machines and piste? (should be minimum 1m)

- I hate competitions without speakers or plasma tv
there are two good methods to communicate with people..
talk with them - use speakers! and someone who know how to use microphone!
or show everything on plasma tv in good time, and hold this time.. so whats a problem?
best solution.. both att once!

- I hate competitions without "finals"
its should be lite more "prestige" more spectacular... is it so hard to present quarter or semifinalist and referies?
is it so hard to arrange final pist?
Yes I know usually there is no publicity on competitions.. but how to invite them if there is nothing nice to see?

- I hate competitions without prizes and podium
usually competitions has winners.. so winners should be on podium att the end of competitions, so easy... not bench with sticker 1,2,3... podium!
I always wonder if those who arrange competitions thing sometimes what a shit they give as a price?
It they would like to get it?
if you have no idea for prizes.. please ask fencers in your club...
football socks on fencing competitions are not the most wantet prize..

- I hate when is to many competitions :)
hate it, especially if some "important" national competitions with 30 fencers overlap with good international competitions with 2 poule and DE with repechage and 200 fencers

Is it so hard to look on international calendar first and then make national calendar?

hate it especially when few quite good internationall competitions and nationall competitions are just week after week, who can afford it?

hate it especially when competitions has a stupid date.. just after some holidyas or something

So, its seems that I hate competitions... no I love it, Im just disapointed when is not working!
Unfortunatelly Swedish competitions are quite on top those bad.. BUT there are people in Sweden who "know how".. "they know their things" as Silvo Forrel said (about him little later)
Just so,
I would like to inform:

Its possible to arrange quite big competitions during one day, or make it much more fun during two days
Its possible to arrange final presentations, podium, prizes
Its possible to arrange quite good food during competitions

And yes, its not easy, and usually its not cheap to make it... but If someone travel 500km for national competitions pay for 2 night in hotel, referies, etc.. its no big deal to pay maybe 5-10 euro more for entry fee and require good competition!

One more thing, if someone arrange fencing competition to make money... already lose

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