fredag 4 januari 2013


Maybe its hard to believe but Fencing is a fight sport, not same as boxing, judo or MMA, but still fight sport. You are practicing and then you need to compare yourself with someone else.
Practicing fencing without competition is like be a great painter and never show your painting to anyone.
I will wirte about it much more, soon.

There are many fencing competitions.
Different levels, different age category, different competitions formula, individuall and team.
Some are very good, some are not really good.
Im thinking most about everything around competitions.
Informations, Hotells, Transfers, Time schedulle, Prices, Finals Ceremony.
But I need to say that more and more competitions are better and better.

Since few years ago Cadetts can compete in European Cadett Circuit - really good initiativ.
I havent possibility to fence and collect expierence on those competitions.
I had only Junior World Cups, even when I was a cadett, so it was much harder to qualiffy among those 12 juniors, than like now among even 20 cadetts.

This season I was in Manchester and Halle, I couldnt be in Cabries, but now Im going to Warszawa.

It can be little commercial now, but competitions in Warszawa are really good!
I like those competitions, yeasterday I saw it on Warszawas undergrund:
Its means that people who arrange this competitions want this competitions be good, its means that they want to promote it and inform many others "come, and see this, its worth it"
Fencing can be very nice sport to watch, not so easy to understand, but I was 3 times on Challenge Insternationall de Paris, and I saw it, I dont know how many, 3000 people, maybe more watched quater, semi and finals.. and they knew when make some noise. Everyone paid 10 euro for it.
I saw in TV finals in Turin, finals in Paris on World Championships... no free place left.
So if you are not sure what to do 26 or 27 january 2013... come and see this!
For Fencers is still possible to register your entry!

Prizes are waiting!

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